The Tools

Just like not being able to afford to buy cards to give to people, I couldn’t exactly afford the materials to make them either.

So this is when the hording started. If I found something which sparked inspiration for a piece, I kept it. What others saw as rubbish, I saw as potential.


I have multiple bags and boxes of scrap paper, ribbon and unfinished bits of project that I have most definitely forgotten about by now.

A simple trip to my garage, cupboard under the stairs or old bedroom at my parents’ house is enough to re-alight the inspiration flame that once burned inside years before.

All my work is made entirely from or features pieces of Christmas crackers from previous years, old Christmas cards and gif-tags, wrapping paper, scrap paper from my recycling bin, or bits from old sketchbooks of mine.

I buy bits from craft shops too, but if I can find what I need in something that’s about to be thrown away, I’ll most definitely use that instead